hide-a-way doors wood options

Wood Options

Buy with confidence knowing that you are purchasing a door with the very best materials available. Learn about the different types of materials used in the construction of our products and why we choose not to construct our doors using MDF.

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Crown and flute trim on a hidden door

Trim Options

All handmade from real wood, our trim is made right at our facility, nothing is store bought.

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Latching and locking options for a hidden door

Self Latching & Locking Options

Learn about our locking systems from the basic Mechanical Key lock, to the more advanced Biometric Thumbprint reader, we have several add on options to keep your door locked and secured.

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Cabinet Doors

Explore the different types of cabinet doors that you can add on to your order

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hide-a-way doors finishing department

Finishing Options

Our state-of-the-art finishing department uses only the best quality stains and lacquers on the market. Learn more about the process and how to order custom finishes to your unit.

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hidden bookcase door see through mirror glass

Bookcase Backing Options

At Hide-A-Way Doors, we have several options for the backing on your door.

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custom building hidden door

Custom Building & Wall Units

Custom building is what this company was founded on! Trust our design team with your dreams, we will turn them into reality. See a few examples & learn more about it

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hidden door wine rack shelf

Adjustable Wine Bottle Shelves

Information: Our wine bottle shelves are designed and cut on our CNC machine and mounted to the adjustable shelves. The bottle is tipped forward so that the wine keeps the cork fresh and sealed. Each shelf has 3 glass holders deep enough to hang 2 goblets or 3 flutes per. The shelves are adjustable and designed for 12" deep bookcase doors.

Ordering Extra Shelves

hidden door spice rack shelf

Removable / Adjustable Spice Rack Shelves

Our adjustable spice racks are made to be removed so that you can bring your spices to your stove when needed.

Ordering Extra Shelves

Alpha Secret door compared to a bookcase door

Standard vs Alpha Doors

At Hide-A-Way Doors the company was founded on concealment. Our very first design was an Alpha Door, but what if you're not concerned with concealment and want a bookcase door for their many uses? Check out the difference:

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