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Welcome to Hide-A-Way Door's "How To" video section. Below, you'll discover a variety of videos across different categories designed to assist you with installations for all hidden doors.

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Receiving Your Order

Description: This video guides you through what to expect when your product arrives, how to inspect for shipping damages, and the steps to properly unpack your order getting it ready to install


1. Receiving your door

2. Unpackaging

3. Getting unit ready for install

Changes since video was made:

Bracing nailed not screwed (hammer & flat bar needed)

Double Door Re-Assembly

Description: All Double and BiFold Doors are shipped with the frames separate from the bookcases for easier maneuvering into your home. The accompanying video shows how to reassemble the frame components — top, sides, and bottom — and how to reattach the bookcases to the frames

Changes since video was made:

1) Bottom washer set replaced with (1) nylon bushing

2) All Double Doors now arrive unassembled

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Single Door Installation

How to install a single door

Installing an Outswing Double Door

Description: This video will guide you through the correct installation and adjustment procedures for an outswing double door.

Alpha mirror door install

Alpha Mirror Door Install

This video guides you through the fundamental steps for installing an Alpha Mirror Door.

Self Latching Mechanism (In-Swing)

Description: The self-latching mechanism, a small C-shaped metal bracket, ensures that the bookcase door stays securely closed, bearing the weight of the door and its contents when not in use. This video showcases how to install this mechanism on all outswing bookcase doors.

Note: Alpha Mirror Doors do not require a mechanical latch

Alpha hidden door finish video icon

Finishing the bottom of an Alpha Door

Description: Central to the Alpha Door's design is its ability to deceive the eye, making it appear as an inset bookcase rather than a door. The lower step-over is an integral part of the Alpha Door's frame. After installation, a slight seam will be visible between the wall and the door, which should be patched to ensure a seamless blend.

Locking Systems

Introduction and How-To wiring YouTube Videos

Note: wiring for a electromagnetic lock is the same for electronic strikes

powered locks for hidden doors video icon

Locking System Basics

Description: An overview of the various lock types and their corresponding controllers for our products.

remote lock opener icon

How to Wire: Key Fob Remote

Description: In this video learn how to wire your wireless receiver, push to exit button, and more.

*Important note: Wiring is the same for Mag Locks as it is for Electronic Strikes

wiring key pad opener icon

How to Wire: Key Pad Entry

Description: In this video learn how to wire your key pad controller, push to exit button, and more.

wiring biometric opener icon

How to Wire: Biometric Thumbprint Reader

In this video learn how to wire your thumbprint reader, push to exit button, and more.