Production Lead Time

Production lead times for all standard (non-rush) orders are estimated and not guaranteed

  • Non-finished units Aprox. 4-6 weeks
  • Finished (stained/ painted) Aprox. 8-10 weeks
  • Alpha Mirror Door NF 4-5 weeks Finish 6-8 weeks
  • Cannot guarantee production schedule will match installers
  • Rush options available at checkout and are guaranteed minus weekends & holidays
  • Because of large order volumes we do not have the ability to perform unrequested updates.

Ordering Tip: We want everyone's buying experience with us to be a positive one, managing lead time expectations is a huge part of the experience.

Our products are all handmade from real wood and because of the popularity of our products, order volumes are unusually high.

Due to large order volumes, lead times fluctuate and can be unpredictable at times, therefore they cannot be guaranteed. We do our best to stick to advertised lead time so please allow extra time to accommodate when ordering. Rush options are available at check out, when placed that will guarantee your order's production time minus weekends & holidays.

Shipping cover for hidden doors

Order Status Request

Helpful Hints

  • Please check the current production time frames prior to requesting a status update for your order
  • Due to the large volume of orders we process, we do not provide unrequested updates
  • Requests are accepted by filling out the form on the next page & submitting
  • Because of the large volume of orders it is difficult and usually inaccurate when trying to anticipate a completion date
  • We cannot guarantee that our lead time will match your installers schedule
  • All rush orders are guaranteed in their timeframes -weekends & holidays
  • Please call us if you are planning to be away on vacation