Hide-A-Way Doors - Custom Hidden Door Building

Do you have an idea for a custom hidden door build? If it can be built, chances are we can do it. Hide-A-Way Doors was founded on the basis of custom building. Our professional design department has over 30 years of experience and consider custom building one of our many specialties. Call 888-928-4534 or email designs@hideawaydoors.com

Concept, Design & Build

We cut our teeth in the Hidden Door business by way of custom designing. For over 3 decades in custom building our customers trusted us with their amazing projects.

Your Concept

Necessity is the mother of all creations, but finding a company that can take your ideas, create a solid design, handle the logistics and then build & ship the unit is a whole different ball game. We are that company!


hidden door wall unit drafting
custom hidden door wall unit

Commercial Breakroom

This 7 piece floor to ceiling, wall to wall unit is a small example of Hide-A-Way Door's capabilities.


custom hidden door wall unit open

Design Features

This large custom unit had to be designed so that it could be taken apart, shipped and then easily reassembled on site. Our client had a prebuilt wall with a passthrough opening for the bookcase door to open into. The center fixed cabinetry is deeper then the two flanking bookcases with a middle space for a TV mount and lower countertop (not photographed). The design was over 9' tall and nearly 12' wide.


Custom Wall Units

Hiding a room has never been cooler!

building of a custom hidden door wall unit

Testing the design

Each custom unit is built, assembled and then thoroughly tested before it leaves our facility.


custom hidden door wall unit closed

Careful Planning

During the design phase, we carefully plan each step to insure ease of installation.

custom hidden door wall unit open

Lasting Quality

All of our doors are handmade from the finest craftsman our area has to offer. Each unit is constructed with Real Wood and not MDF.

Your ideas become our reality!

Some of the coolest builds have come from our customer's wildest imagination.

custom wall unit with hidden door

More to offer than a standard bookcase door

We are not just a hidden door company, we are truly a custom hidden door manufacturer.

Let us handle your custom building!