Mirror Doors

Hide-A-Way Doors offers two types of hidden Mirror Doors. First, our Mirror Bookcase Door is a full front mirror with a rear facing bookcase. Second, Hide-A-Way Door's exclusive Alpha Mirror Door specifically designed for concealment. All units can be upgraded to be equipped with electronic locking systems.

Bookcase Mirror & Alpha Mirror Doors

Hidden bookcase mirror door

Bookcase Mirror Door

The Hide-A-Way Bookcase Mirror Door is made from real wood for beauty and strength and features a full length mirror front and a bookcase back. Designed for storage and utility, our Bookcase Mirror Doors are a perfect fit for any master bedroom, bathroom combination. Our specialized hinges transform the weight of the door and it's contents to the floor for flawless operation.

Alpha hidden mirror door

Alpha Mirror Door

If concealment is your top priority, then look no further! With our integrated Alpha Design, our Alpha Mirror Doors do not require any extra framing or drywall, simply remove your existing door and slide our Alpha Mirror Door in it's place.

Warning: The "Alpha" design that generates a situation of complete concealment and is not intended for high traffic areas, or main entrence or exit from a room.

Easy Installation: Video

Detailed technical information: Alpha Mirror Doors

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