Hide-A-Way Doors - Locking Options

Latching & Locking Systems

On this page you will find basic information about the locking systems we provide for our doors along with the three different types of openers and our battery back up system. You can purchase locks when ordering your door. Retro orders can be made by clicking the photo links below.

Self Latching System

Mechanical Latching Systems are provided with each bookcase door order. The latch must be installed after the door's installation. The latch holds the door in place and supports the until while not in use. The latches are adjustable and easy to mount. More information below

mechanical key lock

Mechanical Key Lock

Mechanical Key Locks are available to purchase when ordering your door. They operate only from the front side of the bookcase doors. Already have a door and would like to purchase a mechanical key lock? Simply click the link below.

Electronic strike lock

Electronic Strike

Available when ordering your door, our Electronic Strikes are rated at 1,000 foor pounds of resistance. They can be paired with the three types of controllers that we provide (see below).

300psi Electromagnetic lock

300 PSI Electromagnetic Lock

EML are only available on our Double Bookcase Doors and are available at checkout. EML can be paired with any one of the three controllers we provide (see below)

Lock Controllers (openers)

Key FOB Remote, Programmable Key Pad, Bio-Metric Thumbprint readers are compatible with both Electronic and Electromagnetic Locking Systems. All controllers requires a standard 110v outlet on the inside of the room. Controllers are hard wired on site.


remote key FOB openers for locking systems
Programmable key pad entry for locking systems
Thumbprint scanner for locking systems
battery back up system

Battery Backup System

Our Battery Back-up System is plug and play, no wiring necessary. This system keeps your locking system secure for hours in the even power goes out. Simply plug your locking system's power packs into them; you can even charge
your cell phones