Finishing Department

Finish off your Beautiful Hide-A-Way Door the right way and let our professionals stain or paint your door for you!

​Quality is everything to us! Our finish department is lead by a finish professional with over 15 years of experience finishing furniture and cabinetry.

​Trusting Hide-A-Way Doors to finish your door is very important to us. We use only top quality finish materials from well known brand names. Our spray booth is state of the art and our finish department is a temperature & humidity controlled room sealed off from the woodshop for dust control.   

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Professional Staining

Color Matching

Matching existing colors in your home can be extremely challenging even if you have the exact matching manufacture's numerical code. Several factors come in to play when trying to match existing colors such as natural sunlight fading, different species of wood, the same type of wood but different pigments or two different manufacturers share the same name for a stain or paint. Because of these reasons, Hide-A-Way Doors can not guarantee the colors we apply at our facility will match the decor in your home. If a close match is required, we suggest sending us the color you would like on the same species of wood for us to mix colors to closely match. Another option would be to order your door without finish and hire someone locally to mix & match colors on site. 

In Stock Colors

Our finish department is set up for solvent-based stains only. Popular brands of stain such as Minwax are petroleum-based products, therefore we can not use them in our system. Hide-A-Way Doors uses Mohawk Stains; we have provided 6 of their most popular colors (see below).

​It is to be expected that some quality may be lost in photographs, therefore, we can not guarantee a perfect match. Stain on different species of wood affects the color and shading of the finished product. In order to be able to achieve the closest color match if your goal is to come close to the color of the decor in your home, you will need to send us a sample of the exact same stain used on the same type of materials that will be used to construct your door. 

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Professional Painting

Choosing the right materials

At Hide-A-Way Doors, we use top quality lacquer based paints for the finiest finish for our doors and products.

The parts and pieces

We spend extra time sanding, prepping, primering, top coating, and sealing every part of your door.

Stock Colors

We stock Satin White and Satin Black Lacquer Paint.

Custom painting is available, Hide-A-Way Doors requiers a sample color on the same type of wood species that your door is going to be made from.

A sample can be mailed to:

Hide-A-Way Doors, LLC - 325 S. Sugar Hollow Rd - Morristown, TN 37813 (mark the back with your order number).