Installation Made Easy!

*All units arrive ready to install right from the box. Trim is already attached to the frame (door jamb) all you have to do is slide it in the opening then adjust accordingly, shim and fasten.


  1.  While the units are made for ease of installation, we cannot guarantee everyone's ability to properly install/ adjust the units in thir openings
  2. All units (*except double & bifold doors) arrive fully assembled with the case molding attached and ready to install
  3. A door cannot support itself outside of an opening
  4. We do not have phone support standing by for installation purposes, please see Tech Support for installation help

*Large doors such as BiFolds and Double Bookcase Doors arrive without the frames attached (4 pcs) so that you are able to maneuver the door into your home with ease.

~Installation guides for all door hidden door models, categorized into three main types: Single, Double, and BiFold.

single hidden door install icon

Download/ Print PDF Install Manual

All Single Bookcase Doors


installing hidden double door manual icon

Download/ Print PDF Install Manual

All Double Bookcase Doors


Download/ Print PDF Install Manual

BiFold Door Installation Manual

Mechanical Lock Installation Manual

Retro fitting mechanical locking system installation guide


  • Receiving your order
  • Double Door Assembly
  • Single Door Installation
  • Installing an Out-Swing Double Door
  • Alpha Mirror Door Installation
  • Installing a Self Latching Mechanism
  • How to finish off the Bottom of an Alpha Door
  • Complete Introduction to Powered Locking Systems
  • How to wire a Key Fob
  • How to wire a Key Pad
  • How to wire a Thumbprint Reader

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