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If you're unable to locate what you're searching for, it's highly likely that we can create it for you. For basic inquiries, you can use our chat line. Alternatively, you can reach out to our sales representatives at 888-928-4534, available from Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

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General Questions

The Top Seal is a patent pending design that we have come up with that seals
out light coming from the back of an outswing door. This would seem to be an
obvious feature for a hidden door, however; simply attaching a piece of trim
across the opening would prohibit the doors function; we've come up with a
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Unfortunately, on bookcase doors the minimum width we can build is 24" anything smaller drastically cuts down on passthrough clearance. We can, however, go as small as 18" on a mirror door.

Yes, in fact that is what gave Hide-A-Way Doors its start. We welcome large custom wall units and have a design department ready to help you. Please email and we will be in touch.

Due to the popularity of our products order volumes are always high. Each unit is made to order, we do not mass produce any of our products. At the time any one order is placed there could be an upwards of 150-200 orders in various stages of completion throughout our facility that was placed before your order. See more on lead times from our resources page.

*All doors arrive ready to install, hinges attached. *Large double and bifold doors will arrive with the frames unattached so that you are able to bring the unit in side your residence (see install manual)

Our doors feature smooth backs, just like the fronts, with no unsightly fasteners in sight. When you opt for our door finishing service, rest assured that the back will be stained or painted to match the front, ensuring a cohesive and polished look.

Moreover, we offer a range of customization options to suit your preferences. Contact us for rear-facing panels, rear and forward-facing mirrors, and more. We strive to provide you with a door that not only blends seamlessly into your space but also reflects your unique style and needs. Experience the ultimate in door aesthetics and functionality with Hidden Doors.

See Bookcase Back Options


All of our bookcases use a hinge pin system that is located under the bookcase between the threshold and the bottom of the bookcase. This transfers the weight of the bookcase, and its contents to the floor. Alpha Mirror doors are equipped with a specialized hinge package (out-swing) that moves the door away from the wall as they turn to avoid pinching on the wall.

Out-swing doors open roughly 90* within its opening, in-swing doors open roughly 130*

When determining the swing of a door each company is a bit different. At HAWD we base our idea of swing direction off of 35+ years on construction experience.

Misconception: A door's swing direction is based on which side of the doors the hinges are mounted on. This is incorrect. If your standing on one side of the door and the hinges are on the right, but what if your perspective was coming from the other side of the door?

The simplest way to determine a swing direction is to imagine your back on the jamb where the hinges will be mounted to then ask yourself, "Does the door swing to the right or left of my body, right or left?"

*Important: Max Wall/ Jamb Depth for all In-Swing Bookcase Doors is 6-1/2" No restrictions on outswing doors

Swing Direction Chart

To determine if your door is an inswing or an outswing, first you need to imagine that you are standing in front of the front of the bookcase, if you push it to get into the room behind the door, that is an inswing. If you have
to pull the door towards yourself to enter the room behind the door, that is an outswing.

*Important: Max Wall/ Jamb Depth for all In-Swing Bookcase Doors is 6-1/2" No restrictions on outswing doors

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To achieve the most accurate measurements we suggest removing the case molding trim to measure directly from the wall framing or Rough Opening. However, you can also get your door's measurement by measuring the width from jamb to jamb. To get the measurement on the height, make sure you measure from the finish floor to the bottom of the top jamb.

Help Measuring

A Rough Opening or "RO" is the framing of a doors opening. The RO can be the width or the height. Measuring from the RO width from stud to stud to determine your door's width deduct 2" from the RO. When determining the door's height, it is important to determine if your flooring will be installed under the door. If determining your door's height by the RO without flooring, then install flooring after the door is made, the door will not fit.

Help Measuring

When determining the wall or jamb depth, measure the thickness of the wall without trim. Example: a 2x4 (1-1/2"x 3-1/2") framed wall will have a sheet of 1/2" thick drywall attached to either side making the total wall depth 4-1/2" wide. 1/2"+1/2"+ 3-1/2"= 4-1/2"

*Important: Max Wall/ Jamb Depth for all In-Swing Bookcase Doors is 6-1/2" No restrictions on outswing doors

It is always best of you could rework the opening to a standard width. If you would like us to build you a custom size, please contact sales 888-928-4534


Sure do, from our website click on resources then click on "Install manuals & video"

Do you install: We do not provide installation services, however; the doors are fairly simple to install especially for someone that has installed a conventional door. We recommend hiring a local contractor or commercial door installer.

Do you have someone near me: We do not have anyone directly affiliated with us for installations. No worries though, our doors are fairly easy to install for anyone with conventional door installation experience, so hiring a local company to install your door shouldn't be difficult.


There are no limitations on wall depths with an outswing door. In-swing max depth is 6-1/2" your door will need to be ordered accordingly. (Site modifications are required for inswing doors installed in walls deeper than 6-1/2" please contact us before ordering)

Yes, our doors are built within their own frames, so you will need to remove you door and frame.

With an exception to floating floors, our doors can be installed directly over most types of floors. We suggest speaking with a licensed contractor or installer prior to ordering

Yes, both of our in-swing and out-swing doors will work in a 6-1/2" deep wall. 6-1/2" is the max depth for an in-swing door.


It is extremely hard to tell from our perspective. Our doors were designed with our trim in mind. They have been tested and proven to work. If you wish to try your trim, in customer comments write, "Please leave trim unattached." Then, if you receive our door and your trim doesn't you will be able to fall back on our trim and attach that instead.


Stick with what we know! The 2 basic types of trim we provide have been tried and true for years. Attempting to change that means new cutter heads on our machine which is extremely expensive, so we only provide flat & fluted case molding.

While a bookcase door's trim is slightly larger than a conventional door's trim, we cannot guarantee that it will cover the existing space. Existing wallpaper, painting, or baseboard length should be taken into consideration and can only be accurately determined during installation.

*Typically, 3-1/2" wide, crown is also 3-1/2." *In certain cases, our case molding has to be wider to cover the space between the jamb and the bookcase. This is rare but if it is a concern, please email us:

Locks & Wiring

All bookcase doors come with a mechanical latch that is installed on site after your door has been installed. Locking systems can be added during ordering your door.

More Information

All Single Bookcase and Alpha Mirror Doors are upgradable to fix an electronic strike with 1,000 foot pounds of resistance. Double Bookcase Doors & Outswig See-through Mirror Doors can be upgraded to Electromagnet locks. We also have a mechanical key lock that is only accessible to the front of a bookcase door (double & single).

Your chose of the following when ordering locking systems:

  • Wireless remote
  • Key Pad
  • Biometric Thumbprint

While they do have those types of controllers, we do not currently offer them.

Standard household 110v. The power packs that operate the locks converts the 110v to low voltage 12v.


Yes, most definitely. Shipping rates along with all the border fees and tariffs are calculated at checkout.

We ship nationwide and most of Canada. Shipping rates are calculated at check out. Please contact us if you live in a hard to access area. Please contact us for international shipping or shipping to Hawaii

Freight companies have a time limit of 5 business days to report damages. File Report

Pricing is established for curbside only. Most freight companies will not delivery to hard to access areas, long driveways, or areas where they cannot turn around without the chance of damaging your property or their trucks. If that is the case, you may have to arrange to pick up your door at a local business that has a large parking lot.

Most of the units are standing on a pallet braced with 2x3 framing. Oversized and mirror doors are lying flat cased in a crate.

Standard sized doors standing on a pallet can weigh an excess of 230 lbs. Double and larger doors can weigh over 350 lbs.

On average freight companies advertise 3-5 days nationally. This is an estimate and is not guaranteed.



1) Strength, natural wood is more than 8x stronger than MDF.

2) MDF is prone to moisture

3) Environment, MDF contains formaldehyde which is toxic

4) Beauty, nothing beats the look of natural wood


Our basic wood types can be found on the order form and on this site. We use real solid hardwood for the case trim, jambs, header, threshold and face-frames. We sue cabinet grade plywood for the bookcase's body and shelving.


No, the doors are not fire rated. No, we do not insulate. You can look into insulating them after installation.

Finish Paint/ Stain

Yes, there is an option on the order form for no finish

Yes, however, to get the best results we request that you send a sample of the color on the same type of wood (roughly 6"x 6") that your door is to be constructed with. Put your order number, name, phone number, and address on the back and send that to Hide-A-Way Doors, LLC 325 S. Sugar Hollow Rd. Morristown, Tn 37813


Lacquers and solvents of production and furniture quality. Lacquers cannot be brushed or rolled on, it must be sprayed.

No, when ordering a non-finished door you assume all the prep work. Some of the paint grade materials come from our supplier with a thin cost of primer. Much of the primer is removed during assembly. We do not fill nail holes or finish sand. When you choose to have us to finish your door we fill holes and finish sand before applying finish.

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