All Single Doors

Discover the diverse range of Single Hidden Doors offered by Hide-A-Way Doors. Each of our doors are handcrafted in the USA, boasting solid wood frames, trim, and thresholds, complemented by a cabinet-grade plywood bookcase body.

Home Organizer Doors

Maximize the potential of a bookcase door, ingeniously transforming an underutilized doorway into a functional space. Seamlessly merge practicality with aesthetics, unlocking hidden storage and adding charm to an otherwise overlooked area.

Alpha Doors

The ultimate in hidden doors, the Alpha Door are only available from Hide-A-Way Doors and are specifically designed for security & concealment. Alpha Doors can be customized, please contact sales 888-928-4534 Learn more about the Alpha Door and why they are the better solution to concealing a room.

Standard vs Alpha

Dual Purpose Doors

More than just a hidden door, our dual purpose doors are huge customer favorites. The Country Door combines the barn door look with a bookcase door, and the Double Sided door is two doors in one; both designs are only available from Hide-A-Way Doors.

Custom Building

Didn't find what you were looking for? No worries, we custom build! Shoot us an email or give us a ring 888-928-4534