Comunicating with us about a Technical Issue

We apologize that we do not have anyone available that can take technical question over the phone without scheduling an appointment. Most technical questions can be answered quickly via email, we are very responsive. Please send us a message below or email us at with your questions; be sure to include the order number. When sending photos, please take direct photos with the door in full view.  

Common Problems & Solutions

Solution: Make sure the mechanical latch is installed (supplied with your bookcase door)

Cause: locking bars have to line up perfectly with the slots on top & bottom. Shipping or installation can move the alignment slightly.

Solution: Bend the locking bar back into alignment with your thumb or with light taps using a hammer.


In late 2021 all outswing bookcase doors were installed with a top seal that needs to be adjusted after your door is installed. Open the door about midway, just behind the top case molding you'll see a minimum of 3 black adjusters. Start at the one closest to the bookcase hinge side lowering it down about half way. Repeat on the remaining adjusters. Start from the beginning and lower the rest of the way until the seal lightly touches the top of the door.

Technical Support

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