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Alpha Mirror Door

Intended for top concealment, we incorporated our already famous Alpha Bookcase Door's designed with our mirror doors to create the ultimate hidden mirror door that is super easy to install.

GOLD MEDAL WINNER 2022 Regenal Skills USA Competition

SILVER MEDAL WINNER 2022 National Skills USA Competition

The Concept

A hidden door is not very hidden if it shows obvious signs that it is a
door, a simple idea that presented enormous challenges to over come. Fast-forward
to our Alpha Door Design, which after installation and few on site tweaks takes on
the appearance of an inset bookcase without the need for extra framing or
drywall below where the door sits. Incorporating this design to our already
popular Mirror Doors makes installation incredibly easy for our customers.


Mirror Door vs Bookcase Doors

Passthough Clearance

A bookcase door occupies a part of the opening due to the depth of the bookcase. Conversely, a mirror door mounts externally to the opening, thereby offering almost the entire space for passage.


If you aim to deceive the eye, a mirror on the wall is likely the most effective choice. Our doors are robustly constructed, and integrating an electronic lock will ensure enhanced security against intruders.

Other options

Fancy the concept but yearning for a unique twist? Consider opting for see-through mirror glass. Additionally, we offer corkboard as an add-to-cart feature, or you can provide us with your tapestry, and we'll expertly affix it to the door's facade.



Paint or Stain Finishes

In Stock Options for Paint or Stain finishes, custom options available

In Stock Stain Finishes

Each stain choice comes with a top clear coat sealer. You may also choose the natural wood look with a cear coat sealer (options at checkout)

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rough opening chart

Determing Door Size

Rough Opening

For accurate door sizing, it's recommended to measure your opening from the wall's framing, commonly referred to as the Rough Opening or "RO." To determine the actual size of your door subtract 2" from the width and the height of your RO measurements.

  1. To measure the width ("A"), start from the wall framing (stud) on one side and measure across to the other side. Measure at least 3 different spots and write down the smallest measurement
  2. To measure the height, from the floor* to the bottom of the header framing ("B") in at least 3 different areas and write down the smallest measurement
  3. To measure the wall or jamb depth measure from the outside of the wall covering (typically 1/2" drywall) to the other side of the wall making sure not to measure with the case molding attached ("C"). if the measurement varies some write down the largest width of the wall and go by that when ordering

*It is of utmost importance to consider the flooring when determining the height of your door. If you measure the height before installing the flooring, the door may not fit properly.

finished opening chart

Determing Door Size

Measuring from a finish opening (Existing Door)

  1. Open your door
  2. "E" measure across your opening from the surface of the jamb on the right to jamb surface on the other side, this measurement corilates to your door size (width).
  3. Make sure you measure from the furthest point and not from the door stop or the hinge
  4. "D" Measure from the top of your finished floor* to the underside of your finish jamb on the top, this measurement corilates to your door size (height).

*It is of utmost importance to consider the flooring when determining the height of your door. If you measure the height before installing the flooring, the door may not fit properly.

The Alpha Door

A brief history of the Alpha Door: This very specialized design is responsible for putting Hide-A-Way Doors on the map. When a client approached our custom building company years ago, he challenged us with a design and build that was like nothing else you will see on the internet. Our client had done his research, he knew what other companies were offering, then came to us with a very specific design requirement. "I do not want any obvious signs that this is a door."

A bookcase door, like a conventional door, has a small space at the bottom and the top to allow it to operate properly. While this is absolutely necessary, it is kind of a problem when trying hide a room by deception. When doing our own research, we noticed something interesting about so called "Hidden Door" companies, they tend advertise photos of their doors in the open position as to hide those small spaces we call swing gaps. Some of the photographs we saw were even computer altered removing the swing gaps entirely, but why do that? The answer is simply, they do not own the Alpha Door design!

So, the question remains, "Why not make every door and Alpha Door?" Answer: The design which makes an Alpha Door a true concealment door has very real drawbacks that would deter someone that doesn't have an interest in concealing a room.

The Drawbacks

  • Not intended for high traffic areas
  • There is a permanent step over (roughly 6-1/2") to get in or out of a room
  • Cannot be used for main entrances to in from a room (will not pass building code)
  • Only swings in (bookcase doors) out-swings not available (mirror doors can swing in or out) UPDATE: Thanks to our new revolutionary design, all outswing (bookcase) doors are equipped with our new patent pending Top Seal. We are currently desinging the out-swing Alpha Bookcase Doors using this new design feature.

The Benefits

  • Exclusive to Hide-A-Way Doors, market is not saturated
  • Can attach baseboard across the bottom which fools the eye
  • Painting the bottom of the door blends the unit into the wall
  • Appears to be nothing more than an inset bookcase
  • Can add locking systems
  • Customizable
  • 3/4" Cabinet Grade Backing for extra strength
  • Step over built into the door, not need for extra framing or drywall
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Alpha Mirror Door

High quality from a brand you can trust with over 8 years in the business and thousands of units sold.