One Way Mirror Backing

On this page you will find basic information about our see-through mirror backing. This is an unique option offered at checkout for most of the hidden doors we produce.

1/4" tempered mirror glass

How One Way Mirror Works

One Way Mirror Glass is made in layers with a very thin transparent sheet of polished metal in the middle that allows a small amount of light through (20%) and reflects roughly 80%.


one way mirror glass backing


In order to work properly, one-way mirror must allow some light to penetrate to the other side of the glass. For best results, the reflecting side should be well lit while the back side of the glass is dark or dimly lit.


mirror door graphic

One Way Mirror & Lead Times

One Way Mirror Glass is extremely expensive, so in order to avoid mistakes during manufacturing the unit has to be constructed ahead of time for accurate measuring. It can sometimes take as much as 14 days or more after the glass is ordered to receive the see through mirror glass from the manufacturer. Because of this, rush orders are exempt from deadlines.