How to Measure for your BiFold Bookcase Door

Ensuring the right size when ordering a door is crucial. We highly recommend seeking the assistance of a professional carpenter or experienced installer if you are uncertain about any of the measurements.

How to Measure for your BiFold Door

Because a Bifold Bookcase Door is installed on the outside surface of a wall, we do not rely on a rough opening to come up with a doors size. It is important to know that when measuring the height ("F") the measurement is made from your finish floor to the bottom of the top jamb. The BiFold Bookcase requires an additional 7-1/2" ("G" ) of clear wall space above the existing door jamb for the top track mounting box. This could be problematic with low level ceilings.

FAQ: What measurement do I enter when ordering the height?

Answer: You will enter the existing size of your finished opening ("F"). Example: a standard size door height measures 80" when placing your order that is what you will enter in the order form, when your BiFold Door arrives it will measure out 87-1/2" (+/-)

FAQ: What measurement do I enter when ordering the width?

Answer: Because the BiFold Doors mounts to the surface of your wall and not inside an opening, the BiFold needs to be wide enough to cover your existing opening. The BiFold Doors starts at 49" wide and will cover a conventional door opening 48" or less. If you have a 50" doorway you will need to order the Bild Door large enough to cover the doorway.